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Suzanne Gentry

I have a particular love for the way light, especially sunlight, plays on different surfaces. A shine on the hair and the side of the face, lights and shadows on different objects, and the gem-like effect of light on glass or water, these things make me happy. The sparkle of light in eyes and on the leaves of trees, on shiny surfaces, or the delicate play of light on flowers; these sorts of beauty can be found all around us and can be seen in even the most common objects and situations. I attempt in my art to portray the beauty that I see everywhere. In my portraits, I try to appreciate the personality and spirit of the person and to see and communicate the special beauty that their loved ones will identify with. I try to paint sensitively to capture the reality and beauty of the subject without relying on achieving a photographic likeness. Like most artists, I paint for my own satisfaction while trying to achieve the most satisfying result for everyone.

-Suzanne Gentry

Suzanne Gentry is a fine artist and a teacher of special needs students in Clearwater, FL. She has studied with many well-known portrait painters throughout the country. She has won awards in art shows for her floral paintings and portraits. Suzanne considers herself a portrait painter and muralist but also likes experimenting with glass mosaics, spending time in the garden, and sewing. She also offers specialty pillows, pads, straps, weights, bibs and other positioning equipment for use with children with special needs.






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